Frequently Asked Questions about Silk Care

What is silk?
Silk is a fine soft thread produced by silkworms. It is light, very supple and constantly equalizing temperature. It is the least allergenic of all natural fibers. Several strands of thread are used to weave into fabric. Silk has long been considered the most luxurious of all fibers.

How Many Types of Silk?
Silk filled comforter has been a long-time favorite for many generations of Chinese. Traditionally, an authentic silk comforter uses only long stretched, Grade A, 100% mulberry silk floss fill, but there are now at least three types of silk floss used in a silk comforter on the market:

Cotton-like short silk floss (low grade silk)
This type of silk is actually a downgraded silk floss (among the lowest grades of silk floss) obtained from broken or waste filaments and damaged cocoons, and it is inferior in character to the reeled products. It is very short, non-adhesive, and it feels like cotton. When used in a silk comforter, it normally requires a special machine to net the silk together and will be used in the deep part of the silk comforter. A finished silk comforter of this type normally has some long mulberry silk floss fill at the side-opener or on the top as a cover-up and the comforter has to have stitches to prevent the low-grade short/waste silk from shifting and creating holes.

Cube-type Silk (wild silk)
Silk moths grown in Northern China produce this type of silk. This type of silk moths grows in the wild and feeds themselves with all kinds of leaves. The natural color of this silk is dark gray, and it requires special chemicals (which is harmful to health) in production to reduce the dark colors. The silk is thick, short and is not nearly as soft and elegant as mulberry silk. Since this type of silk floss tends to adhere to each other in cube it is not easy to arrange them in an ideal structure for a silk comforter. When used in a silk comforter, this type of silk is typically used in the deep part of the silk comforter and is covered with long mulberry silk.

Long, 100% Mulberry Silk
Ideally all silk comforters ought to be made with 100% mulberry silk, especially silk produced in spring. This type of silk is very soft, elegant and versatile. Silk is a natural protein fiber containing about 75% of actual fiber fibroin and about 25% sericin which is a gummy protein that holds the filaments. Silk filaments are very fine and long-as much as 300-900 meters long. It has a very high degree of elongations. When it is dry the elongations varies from 10-25% and it will elongate as much as 33-35% when it is wet. This type of silk typically has a high natural luster and sheen of a white or cream color. It is one of the strongest fibers of 2.4 to 5.1 grams per denier. Silk has a relatively high standard moisture regain of 11%. At saturation the regain is 25-35%.

How to Identify Good Silk vs. Bad?

There are at least five ways to identify a good silk:

(1) Physical Appearance
The best silk is in pearl white and it can reflect natural lights. The silk thread is pure and has very little broken or waste filaments. The silk is long and well aligned. An inferior silk is in pale white due to the use of bleach and other chemicals in production. It does not have the natural light reflection capability and looks dull. It normally is mixed with broken or waste filaments and the alignment is poor.

(2) Touching
Good silk feels very soft, smooth, and has a good elongation (elastic recovery). It does not have hard cubes or spots. An inferior silk feels rough and uneven, and it is mixed with fragments of damaged cocoons and broken or waste filaments.

(3) Smell
Silk with oily or rotten smells is inferior in quality

(4) Burn
Good silk floss is not burnable, and the flame will immediately die off when fire is taken off (the silk). The burned ashes will be loose and it smells like burned human hair.

(5) Flexibility and Elastic Recovery
The more flexibility a silk has the better the quality is. Studies have shown that silk has a stronger flexibility than that of a steel wire with the same dimension. Good silk has also very good elongations while inferior silk has very bad flexibility and elastic recovery.

How is silk comforter made?
The best silk comforters are filled with mulberry silk. Long silk filling is more expensive because they are directly produced from an oval-shape cocoon that is supposed to produce high quality silk fabric. The cocoon is first stretched into a large web, after that it is stretched to open even more into one layer for the filling of a silk-filled comforter. It takes many layers and many cocoons to make a thick enough batting.

Why choose a silk comforter?
Most people decided to choose a silk comforter for its warmth and incredible lightweight, also for being filled with 100% natural silk. Silk is one of the lightest and strongest natural fibers. Silk fabrics have a very high degree of heat retention capability and add a perfect layer of warmth. Silk absorbs moisture well, quickly and releases it quickly as silk is fast drying. Natural silk is light, very supple and constantly equalizes temperature, making this a perfect year round comforter. It is also good for your complexion and for your health. With the current trend towards healthy living, more and more people have chosen silk-filled comforters as a healthier alternative to down-filled comforters. It is said that silk is the least allergenic of the natural fibers.

How to Choose A Good Silk Comforter?
Manufactures have different philosophies when it comes to serving the needs of silk comforters by consumers, and that has contributed to the fact that many different types of silk comforters are available on the market. Some of the silk comforters are very bad in quality and you need to know a few basics when choosing a good silk comforter. Here are a few tips:

Silk comforters made out of cotton-like short silk floss are normally claimed to be 100% silk comforters or 100% silk quilts. Their prices are extremely low, and sometimes they are even lower than one third of what a mulberry silk comforter sells for. This type of silk comforter normally requires box stitches and the silk floss fill inside is not layered evenly. It has no elastic recovery and does not have the smooth and elegant touching sensations.

Silk comforters made out of cube-type of silk floss (or wild silk floss) are usually marketed as 100% Mulberry Silk Comforters or 100% Super Grade-A Silk Comforters (a false claim intended to cheat on consumers). They are claimed to have contained either 1st Class or Grade-A (false claim) mulberry silk floss. The side-opener (for this type of silk comforter) is usually shorter than 30cm in length, preventing consumers from checking the silk fill inside. The price for such a silk comforter is about two thirds of a mulberry silk comforter. The silk floss itself appears to look similar to that of a mulberry silk floss but a closer look at it will reveal the following differences: silk floss is not layered evenly, touching is rough, and its elastic recovery is very limited. Consumers ought to check thoroughly on the silk comforters before making the buying decision.

100%, Grade-A mulberry silk comforter—the best and authentic for a silk comforter. This type of silk comforter is made out of 100% Grade-A, long mulberry silk floss, and it normally has a side-opener larger than 70cm, enabling consumers to check deep inside the silk comforter. It is very soft, smooth, elegant and has great elastic recovery.

What's the Benifits of Silkqueen Silk Comforter?
Using only the best, long, Grade-A mulberry silk floss, all Silkqueen silk comforters are hand- made with a perfect display of traditional and modern techniques. They will help you gain the following benefits :

(1) Preventing Cold during Sleep
Studies have proved that people catch cold mostly during sleep. When it is either too warm or not warm enough people tend to kick off or pull away the comforter, exposing the body to cold temperature and consequently catching cold. With a Silkqueen silk comforter, you will feel cool in summer time and warm in winter, and it definitely helps to prevent you from catching cold.

(2) Relieving the Heart from Heavy Pressure
A Silkqueen silk comforter is light but warm and you do not need to put an extra comforter or blanket on top. Thus your heart and blood vessels will not have to sustain the pressure from heavy load, enabling you to have a tight, sound, sweet and healthy sleep.

(2) Best in helping you sleep
Mulberry silk is arguably the softest and most healthy natural fiber. All Silkqueen silk comforters are made with 100% Grade-A mulberry silk floss, and they are soft, warm, and can help you fall sleep quickly.

(4) Helping to prevent RA, arthritis and skin diseases
Natural mulberry silk is a natural protein fiber containing 75% of actual fiber fibroin. It can absorb moisture inside the comforter quickly and keep the comforter at an ideal moisture level, thus helping prevent arthritis and skin diseases. Medial studies have shown that mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of fibroins and various proteins that help blood circulation and digestion system during sleep. They help to vitalize skin, slowing down the aging process. In addition, these fibroins and proteins will act like a stabilizer, helping people to sleep better, thus better health.

What do I do with the daily care?
Usually a good silk comforter can be used for 5 - 10 years if a proper care is taken. Nothing special here, you just need to pay a little attention to the following.

Use cover: Always use a removable cover to prevent the silk comforter from dirt and stain. In that way, silk comforter should never require cleaning. You just need to wash the cover instead.
Cleaning: The silk comforter can not be washed. If a cleaning is required you need to take it to a professional dry cleaning store. When you wash the cover,cold water and low heat is required to prevent the cover from shrinking.
Outdoor airing: A frequent outdoor airing is required to allow the natural silk fiber to breath. It should be no longer than 1 hour each time. Thus the moisture will be evaporated and the silk comforter becomes fluffy again.

Who uses the silk comforter?
The silk comforter is good for anyone, from babies to aged people. It is the best alternative for people who are allergic to downs.

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